Sunday, 18 May 2014

Wisdom Teeth: When to Visit a Dentist in Pickering for Extraction

"Newey’s article emphasizes the importance of visiting a dentist regularly. A regimen of regular dental check-ups early on will easily determine whether the growth of your wisdom teeth will pose a problem or not. If the teeth are properly developing, they will grow and fit snugly along other adjacent teeth, and will exhibit no signs of disease or cavities. With normal growth, there is no need for any extraction procedure at all. However, in the instance that a wisdom tooth is impacted, removal may be necessary. Impacted wisdom teeth are those that do not erupt through the gums, primarily because the adjacent teeth are preventing them from erupting completely. It is estimated that nine out of ten individuals have one or more impacted wisdom teeth. If you believe there’s a problem with the placement, condition, or status of your wisdom teeth, be sure to consult with a reliable dentist in Pickering—like the dental team from Brockington Dental—immediately."

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